Wearable Wrist Case – Model WR1

Are you Start-up, Developer, Maker or hobbyist?
Do you work on a project about Wearable Devices and need to build a prototype?

I know, you need a wrist case special for prototyping and cannot find anyway.

I present: Wearable Wrist Case – Model WR1

Insert your electronics, modify if to get access to your buttons (in Basic Edition thru holes) and test you device in real applications. You can cover it with a glas to get a real practicable wearable device on your wrist.

Use normal 20mm wide watch straps and show all, how nice and cool your prototype is.

The picture show the basic case with the possibility to cover with a 1.5mm thick glas. All buttons and ports for sensors can be added thru simple frazing of holes, depend on the application.

It is available in 3 sizes named from the hight of the internal space for the electronics under the optional glas.

It is available for ordering on Tindie: www.tindie.com/stores/abbasi/

For special cases with special features and bottuns and anything you like, contact me please for the personalized Pro Edition.

Technical documents of every size as PDF drawing files:

Small SIze: WR1-6.5mm (click drawing_wr1-6-5mm for PDF )
Medium Size: WR1-11.5mm (click drawing_wr1-11-5mm for PDF)
Larg Size: WR1-16.5mm (click drawing_wr1-16-5mm for PDF)

The drawing for the glas: (click drawing_glas-wr1 for PDF)

When you use it for any project, contact me about it and send me pictures please.


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