Bamboo – Clean Energy (active)

>> Status: active (working on it with the Organization IMBAR in Latine America)

Short Description about the project (Download it as PDF here)

Bamboo – Clean Energy

Endless Source + Endless Consumption = Perfect Business


Converting Bamboo to a clean fast growing Energy Source as briquettes and Pellets, using a special developed process for Bamboo.

Market size:

Just in some Europe Countries (UK, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium) and just for the consumption of Pellets as fuel:

about 16.910.000.000 kg in 2013. In 2007 it was kg.


For the price today of 241,41 €/1000kg in Europe, the market of pellets just for these Europe Countries in 2013 was: 4082243100 Euro = 4,082243100 Billions Euro

Briquette are not calculated in this number.

The Briquette are sold in Germany for the end user in the markets for 1-3 Euro/10kg, depend on the quality.

And also Canada, USA, south of south America, Russia and every Country with cold winter is a market.

Actually, also in Countries like Turkey they use wood.


More and more people use wood pellets (Pellet fuel) and briquette to produce energy, not just for heating but also for hot water and cooking.

The Pellets Oven for home can look like these:

And the Briquette can be used in the normal Wood Oven (Chimney) like this:

It is clean and renewable, but how renewable?

Normal wood grows too slowly, so much of trees need 100 years or more. Actually, the human destroy the forests when they want to use a clean energy!

The market is giant and growing day per day. It is an endless sink for a product which come from an endless source.

Some companies in Asia tried to produce Bamboo Pellets and Briquette, but they all had bad products. They used the same wood process, which is a big mistake, because Bamboo is too different.

I’m an experienced Product designer and also an Engineer, and have developed a special process & Concept for Bamboo.

Required capital for very low-quality Prototypes:

For the process “trying making simple prototypes” some small machines like a manual milling machine and a manual or hydraulic press are needed, in additional to the shredding. Of course normal working tools for working are needed.

The costs of this process are estimated to $5000-7000.

The duration can be 2 weeks, if all tools are available.

Required capital for high-quality Prototypes:

For the process “developing the prototypes” including testing and registering of patents and designs, we need $50.000.

The duration can be 3-6 months.

The plan is to use after that Crowdfunding to collect more capital and in the same time to sell before producing, as a very helpful marketing tool.


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