Implant for Spinal Disc Herniation (paused)

>> Status: paused (no financial support)

This project was started to help a lovely female dog in Quito, which has the Spinal Disc Herniation, that is common in humans and animals such as dogs and horses.

I have studied the solutions available and got an idea that is not used anywhere, but in other solutions that I think are too old for our time. My idea is also helpful for animals and humans.

As an expert in 3D printing and product design, I’ve created a concept for my solution and discussed it with the veterinarian who cares about the dog who also talked to a surgeon about how it might be the right solutions.

The idea is based on an important point: DON’T TOUCH THE BONES

This was important to me, because all the other old solutions drill holes or cut in the bones that cause dangerous weakenings in the bone structures. My solution completely avoid that.

This video was a try to get support from Qatar, but without success:

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